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By this time tomorrow I'll be cracked out on lack of sleep and 1000 miles from here in the cold white north. Hey, at least its not Alaska, it'd be lots colder there. I suppose I should enjoy 74 for a high while I have it right??

Today I have to pack and get ready to leave not only for Ohio but for school the following Sunday. I have so much to do and so little tie to do it in, luckily, my suitcase shouldn't take too much organizing as I've got all my crap in there; I just have to do a "Clean Sweep" on it and organize it somewhat.

So basically today's going to be one of those "lets do all kidn of boring things so I can have fun". Its worth it.

I'm drinking a high octane mocha this morning, none of this 1/2 ounce espresso crap. I think I maybe put 4 ounces in there this time in a relatively small coffee cup. I don't think I'm jittery yet but I' sure once I get done, it'll come.

Well, time for me to start on y quest. Maybe I'll be more creative later; doing stuff usually does that to me.
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