Ner (djner) wrote,

I am indeed alive

Hi guys,
Have arrived in snowy with a capital S Ohio where no one from Arkansas should complain about how cold it is there. Right now its about twenty degrees and falling fast, cold enough to freeze anything. That and there's wind which really kinda sucks.

I got here on Saturday and would have written sooner had I not developed a serious migraine about three hours after I got here. Luckily there is a hospital nearby here so I got to take two trips which started out with serious pain and ended in a drug induced stupor which I hope I didn't incriminate myself on. The second time got me over the hump of constant vomiting and mind numbing pain, so that was good, and I have been relatively good since then. We got about five inches of snow, mostly yesterday, and it was amazing to me how quickly the snow gets removed from the sidewalks and roads. In Arkansas, it paralyzes the town, here its pretty much business as usual for everyone. All the shops and restaurants we went to were packed with people.

So being that I wasn't able to move all day saturday and most of Sunday we went out on the town, if you can call little Toledo that, for some excitement. Went to Starbucks coffee which was tasty and warming, and had fn at a place called Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. I had tasty ribs and fried chicken strips, and Lindsey had some chicken strip salad thing. We picked up some anti migraine herb stuff that I had neglected to bring before I came, oops, and came back here.

We watched a really good movie Live in Baghdad which I've been hoping to watch for ages. ITs about how CNN got the oportunity to bring live images of the first gulf war to the world. Very cool movie indeed.

And I probably should head to bed now as I have to get up tomorrow at 6 to pack and head for Windsor, Ontario for the three and a good part of another hour train trip to Toronto. What we will do there I do not know but I know being that we'll be heading to a new country it'll be fun. Travelling always is an exhillerating experience. More later.

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