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home at last and the stark contrast to Canadian hospitality

I'm now home, and it is good though I will miss my friends from up north. Today I"ll be hading up to northwest Arkansas to start classes starting tomorrow in what seems to promise as a very boring semester ahead of me. At the moment, unless I can figure out something, I'm signed up for three classes plus finishing one. I'll have classes only on Monday Wednesday and Friday. Needless to sa I think I'll have plenty of time to sit there :(.

I didn't write mostly because I didn't have time to write and it'd probably bore you all to find out that on Friday we had great fun using the juicer and making this kick ass juice with Kiwi, strawberry, apple, lemon, star fruit, and carrots. Hey, we were bored and wanted to be creative.

Thursday we had fun going out to eat at Max and Erma's, a steakhouse that's supposedly popular in Ohio and Michigan. Its popular for a reason, the burgers are huge, and well, huge. The steaks are quite good as well, as I got to sample Lindsey's lorado (Western) steak. I also enjoyed meeting moonangel10 and April, Julie's other friend. They are quite dynamic indeed.

The main point of this entry, rather than touching on the past two days to recount my trip from hell yesterday, to Arkansas. We left for Detroit at about 12:30 and got there about 1:45; my flight left at about 3:10. so we figured that there would be plenty of time to get checked in and get some assistance to the gate. Apparently, because of the stupidity of Detroit airport staff, it wasn't. By the time we got to the ticket counter, it was 2:45, 25 minutes until departure. I was stressed because I figured it would be too close to get there but we figured that if I could get someone to help me to the gate we could get there. I've done this before on American Airlines and it worked well. That was at another airport and apparently that matters.

After checking in, I must have got the most incompetent assistant ever as he didn't really know how to get me around. He kept trying to get me to sit in the wheelchair which really doesn't work too well with a dog. We got through security, 20 minutes left, and he then for some odd reason told me to stand by this pole and wait, and someone would be there soon. I don't know what his definition of soon is but mine sure isn't 25 minutes. By this time, I had already missed my flight by no fault of mine. I was not even close to being relaxed at that point and was relieved to find out that Lindsey, Joe, and Julie had at this point not left yet. I gave them a call and Lindsey came to help me get rescheduled on another flight / calm me down (beer is an amazing thing). They routed me through Memphis which was no less annoying. At this point I'd gone from a no stress two hour non stop flight to a two hour flight to memphis and a 30 minute flight to Little Rock.

No problem, I get on the plane to Memphis, get there, meet a cool gate agent, and get on the plane to Memphis. Twenty minutes later we had to get off the plane due to a "unforseen problem with the airraft". Twenty minutes later, we got back on. By 8:30 which was when we touched down in Little ROck I was all too pleased to get home.

YOu'd think my problems would have ended by now. NOt the case, my bags weren't on the flight I ended up taking. We figured we would jsut go to baggage services and claim the missing bag but then we realized no one was at baggage services or to be more specific in the whole damn airport.

I went to bed even though I had no luggage, and got up this morning to find my dad getting ready to pick up my bags. They weren't going to deliver them because they were "late arrival" bags. In other words, since I was technically late for my flight it wasn't Northwest's problem that I didn't have my bags. What the hell ever. though I have my bags now I think Northwest still needs to die. I'll never fly with the bastards again.

Lindsey and Julie talked about how people who are from the midwest tend not to be as friendly as those in the south. After my trip yesterday I really agree. While I sat in the Detroit airport, people seemed so absorbed with themselves to even realize that I needed help. When I got to Memphis, they were all too helpful. Oh well, it's all over now.

I guess I'm going to have to go. Now I find that my sister doesn't have room for me, or I should say she doesn't have much room for me, in her car to go back to school. At this point I think I'll make it to Fayetteville by Tuesday which is when my dad can take me there. I'll miss two classes but at this point I don't really care, I just want my bad luck to end and my stress level to go down. And the school year hasn't even started yet. Maybe I should move to Canada or something, for real.
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