Ner (djner) wrote,

fayetteville at last, the adventures with the ice man, and the life of unfortunate events part 2.8

I'm in Fayetteville now. As has been normal for me, it wasn't with drama.

It wasn't until about 5 that I actually knew or inferred that there'd be room for me in my sister's car. She was mad so I didn't really want to go my dad didn't want me to go if she was going to be mad. I guess I shouldn't say that she was mad but more frustrated that there was no one there to help her get things packed. I offered but ... So anyway, we made it here by about 8:30 after stopping at Taco Bell. I think it has been the first time I've gone to Taco Bell twice in three days since I was there in Ohio.

Which reminds me, Lindsey's the first person I have known who had never had Taco Bell, ever, until three days ago. She really liked it but it was still funny to watch the people in the store look in awe when I told them tat this was her first visit.

So anyway, I got home, and came in to the door only to figure out that I had left the freezer door open by about an inch. When you leave the freezer door open an inch for a month, there's bound to be huge problems, and huge problems there were. The freezer couldn't even close, didn't even come close, because there was a solid block about 8 inches thick of ice and slush. I was thinking "party at ner's house, free snow cones for the first ninety." My sister wasn't amused. My sister and I started scooping up the flozen snow cone type material as best we could, then I decided I'd boil some water and try to steam some of the rest of the ice out. I pretty much just decided to wait after getting a bunch of wateron the floor and in my trash can (more on the floor) and see if I could just let things thaw. I wasn'ttoo startled at 3 this morning when I heard this huge crash and got up to find a five pound block of ice that I removed and threw in my shower. It was still there at 8 this morning, in part, when I woke up.

I swear I think I've become one of those characters in the Lemony Snicket Unfortunate events books; I keep having bad luck. I forgot to mention that I also forgot my pillow at home so I slept on some folded up blankets which is surprisingly uncomfortable.

My goals for today include the following:
  • Go to class

  • Go to class without breaking anything bone wise. This means getting to the golf cart without breaking anything.

  • Getting my stuff from Neil without breaking anything, or killing anyone.

  • Registering for classes without electricuting myself on telephone or computer wires as I register for classes.

  • Not getting run over by a car while crossing the street to Brough.
  • And many other things which could happen that could be fatal but which I hope won't be fatal to me or others in connectin to me.

I have two classes today, process control (I've already taken it in Australia so it should be easy). and Reactor Design, I've taken a month of it before I broke my leg last year. So I suppose I should go and figure out which rooms these classes are in. My luck they'll be in not offered this semester or some crap. :P

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