Ner (djner) wrote,

a continuation

I haven't eaten since the day before yesterday, Monday afternoon, because of yet another headache. I can't wait until 6:30 when Brough opens but that won't be for another hour arg.

Monday afternoon I got the headache, took some Imatrex, some finergrin, and hoped for the best. I pretty much woke up every hour to throw up which really sucked but I didn't want to go to the ER or hospital, so got my sister to take me the next morning. She is so good to me, even though we have problems at times. I didn't want her to miss her class she had Tuesday but she insisted. They made me a shot of demerol and finergrin, which always causes me to lose a day. Literally. I slept in bed most of the day, only getting up to go to the bathroom or answer the phone. Interwoven into my dreams were weird combinations of Inside Edition and NCIS. Interesting how those can combine while you're drugged.
This morning I am much better though as I say I'm pretty weak from lack of food. I'm at least able to sit up enough to type, so maybe later I'll have enough energy to hook up my computer and scanner so I'll have something to do. How convenient that I didn't have any classes yesterday so I didn't miss anything, one positive.

I have my classes today, I hope they will go well. I still haven't gone to my design class, but that's because I haven't been able to find my professor to ask him what time I should show up.

Last but not least, I guess I'm going to be working in the Enhanced Learning Center for a few hour each week. I don't really need the money, but it will be good to be able to help people.

Suppose I should go because I'm finding my mind and body are still a bit sluggish. This Coke I hoped to help me just tastes weird and metallic, something that probably shouldn't happen, perhaps when I get to Brough things will be better.

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