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lazy midwinter's afternoon

I'm just sitting here listening to which is quite cool. I'm not too keen on smoothe jazz, but it seems to be quite a relaxing mix of music, reminds me of being in a high tech elevator somewhere in an airport or hotel. I can picture some kind of a butler taking my bags, bringing me tea, massaging my feet, ah life would be good. I'm not familiar with smoothe jazz artists so their song title feature on the stream really is handy, maybe I should listen to ACB Radio Interactive to their other jazz shows. I'm still unsure of the cable service so I'll have to continue doing tests to see if my stream will be reliable enough to do a show; I reckon that if it continues to be dry and/or snowy, I'll be ok as cable seems to be reliable in those times.

News flash!

Mom just told me we have no school tomorrow, rock on! Wonder how long will this trend last? I have no idea but I have a feeling for a while. Sleet and freezing rain are forecast to overspread the area tonight with assured interesting results.

I didn't do much today productive. Probably the most productive thing I did was to get a cup of tea and take a nap. The tea was good and the nap was exquisite.

I've continued to build my journal today as I've played with my style a bit. I don't know if I like the "standard" lj style so I might play some more, add some backgrounds, and color styles. Granted, I can't see the thing, but hey, it looks cool and all the cool people on lj seem to have visually customized live journals. My journal continues to get more popular with more random people reading it, so I think it might be cool.

I watched the Saddam interview, at least part of it. It, was, interesting! Can't wait till Sixty Minutes 2 which I'll watch, in which they'll have more of the interview. It's intriguing how such a crazy man can talk to Dan Rather and be so lucid and sure of himself. I guess that's the sign of a truly weird man. I wonder if I do that, or if I'm truly weird. Don't even say anything guys, I know I've lost it longs ago. Not much else on the horizon that I can see so I'll close until something looms close of interest.

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