Ner (djner) wrote,

adventures at RZ's

I woke up at 9 this morning and went to breakfast after a long night being a personal FBI agent for network security. I'm no good at network security, but I can deduce, and I hope I was able to help. I was glad that Brough still served breakfast at 9, but then when I thought about it, I was like duh, college students are generally lazy and not at all like myself, boring, early risers with no life. So I went, had a very greasy breakfast and came back.

I had gotten a notice of a package I was to pick up at the union so I planned to get a cup of coffee / mocha and then drop by the union to pick up my package. No problem, I'll just walk down there, pick up my coffee ... pick up the package ... come back here.

What I neglected to remember is that (1) I didn't have any cash with me, and (2) I only have a specific number of flex dollars at the beginning of the semester ($25 dollars that is connected to my meal plan for the next two weeks, after that, I have $150 that I can use anywhere they serve food or coffee). I got to the coffee shop, not knowing either of these things. I ordered my double grande mocha, packed with lots of caffeinated goodness, and then they scanned my id card.
"bleep bleep bleep".
"Sorry sir, you only have $2.19 in your account, your coffee costs $3.74".
"Crap," I said with my face turning a dark red I am sure. I had no idea what to do but say I'll be back when I get the money. I had planned to go down stairs and get money anyway. They were nice enough to say get here with it when you can. S the anticlimax to the story is that I went downstairs, got my package, got my money and went back to rz's to pay. I felt so freaking stupid, its not even funny. I wonder how many people do that? My guess, not that many.

I got the few things I was missing from Lindsey and Joe's house, my headphones, Fiona's toy from Julie, and my ice cleats. I also got six pairs of socks to replace the pairs that I theoretically left (I found them in my bag after I told Lindsey this.). Luckily, I'll never run out of the need for socks, so I was very grateful for the new ones. She totally didn't have to send them.

I have an assignment to do for Reactor design this afternoon which shouldn't take too much time to do. Apparently the textlab is working on my books, apparently. You never know with them though; never know. I could get my books next year for all I know.

Suppose I should get on this stuff I need to do. I think this Tuesday Thursday free day will be the end of me.

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