Ner (djner) wrote,

Brough chemistry in action, not a good thing.

There are several things you must not do in life and I guess on the top of that list probably should be sitting in Brough (the cafeteria) for three hours at a time. I went in there at 9 for breakfast, had that, then stayed until they brought out lunch and had that too. Needless to say, I'm not too hungry right now.

Saw both controlg and sgenlaiche who were quite interesting. Sgenlaiche was very active in chemical experiments with Brough food which I'll find hard to forget, no matter how hard I try. She did such things as putting chicken in Coke, just to see what would happen, putting French Fries in coke, and finally putting mandarin oranges in coke. Luckily she did not drink any of these concoctions but described in scary detail the color / material changes of the foods she placed in the Coke.

Moving on ... I haven't done much since yesterday, and don't plan on doing so. Its just pretty rainy and disgusting outside. Its better than it was yesterday, it was beyond disgusting yesterday weather wise here in Fayetteville, though I was thankful that it wasn't raining.

Yesterdays classes went well for the most part, except for Process Control with Turpin. He seems to be taking a while to remember that I'm in his class, so we're working to get him to read what he's reading on the board. I've had that class before, but you could have fooled me yesterday; I was totally lost. It doesn't help when he mentions "multiply that equation with this equation and then take that and ...". I told him that I was about to start throwing tthhings at him in class and he told me to move up to the second row next time so I'd have a better chance at hitting him next time, I think that's a wonderful idea. At least both of us have a sense of humor about the whole thing and I am sure it will get better.

We had a meeting also yesterday about the psychological implications of the study they're doing on me about group dynamics as it relates to chemical engineering design. Sounds exciting? I know; its not, but I get a free laptop out of the deal so I'm all for it.

Well, suppose I should go so I can do ... well ... nothing. Actually, I might scan a book today, which I've searched for this time, and I know is not available anywhere else. So no wasted time will be spent this time.

I'll Be Back.

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