Ner (djner) wrote,

Algae in my coffee? I must be really bored

Sundays always suck because I tend to wake up at an early hour like this one, even more earlier actually than this for the morning, and Brough opens with real food at 10:30. Usually what I do on these mornings is make my coffee, read the friends page, and relax and/or procrastinate. I got ready to make coffee, and then realized, oh crap, there's water or something in my coffee pot. Remembering that I haven't made coffee since before I left for break, about a month and a bit, I shuddered to my mortal soul. I was sure that there was algae or something in the pot so I ent and dumped what was in the pot in the shower and washed whatever down the drain. Unfortunately, there was stil some algae left in the potthat I had to try to get rid of. Then I had to soap things and make sure that I could feel comfortable enough to actually make it. Well, I've made it now, and provided I don't die before the end of the entry, I think all is well. I just can't imagine how much algae actually loves to drink coffee too. Resolution to self: get a water filter for real, who knows whats in Fayetteville water that I *myst* remove before drinking, eeeeewwww.

Besides drinking algae tainted coffee, I've been marvelling on how many people on lj just don't have a clue. Resolution 2 to self: don't spend hours reading the latest posts pages, you really don't gain anything from that.

Not sure what I'll do today. Since it didn't snow, no movie making was in action, so I hung out here and did nothing of importance, well if you coun reading as nothing of importance. And so continues my existence, yawn.

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