Ner (djner) wrote,

the Tuesday update, do I have too much time? tune in and find out

Today's Tuesday and its barely above freezing, again. It feels invigorating outside and I quite enjoy it. Its not too cold as to be impossible and painful to go outside but its cold enough to remind you its winter.

I spent yesterday reading There Will Be Dragons by John Ringo. Its a book set in the a 41st century utopian society where no one ahs to do anything for themselves. They have to learn quick though how to work and make do with life when war breaks out and knocks out the power grid, rendering the society virtually inept and eying. The implications and ideas are amazing, and the story rocked. Wow! If you like sci fi, get it, read it. If not, too bad for you :). I was just amazed that I got through as many words as I did in half a day. Suppose a good book will do it to you.

I had fun going last night to the apparently yearly Martin Luther King Day Banquet that I was invited to go to by the disability office. Though it was Chartwel's catered (they are the guys who run campus dining services), the food was good. There weren't too many people at our table, so half way through the meal, and because of the fact that I was really hungry, I reached over (taunted by Adrianne, the other grad student who came with us), to take the other salad from the other place setting and eat it. Mand its fun to break rules and get free food all at the same time. The key note speaker was Charles Robinson, a professor at the university. He did a good speech but kind of got into the civil Rights thing by speaking like they did back in the day complete with the wailings and gesticulations and generally acting like he was possessed. He made good points, even slammed GW and the war on terror once or twice indirectly, and I was impressed. He could have lost the gesticulations and wavy voice, it was a bit much.

Today I have two assignments (albeit short) to do / explain via email, and that's about it. I also have to take a look at this process diagram that they made me at the center. It is so complex and huge that they put it spanning a two meter wide poster board. Its huge let me tell you. And with that, I suppose I should continue thinking of working. I have no class today, curses, curses Curses to having too much time, it sucks.

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