Ner (djner) wrote,

some people

I got to breakfast this morning early as usual because I have to do that assignment I've been saying I'm going to do. There's something to be said for fresh hash browns from Brough. Especially when you can convince the grill guy to cook them for you fresh. Go me.

Anyway, Was eating and enjoying the quiet when a person who I won't name to protect the innocent comes up to me singing and cackling to herself. I've known her forever, well at least my whole degree program. She's been here longer than I due to who knows what but will be graduating finally this May. Anyway, she sat down at my table continuing to sing kids songs and jittering around like a hummingbird. If I weren't a morning person I'd totally have lost it right there and then. Sadly, I am a morning person, and I enjoyed dredging up old memories of long car trips from the desserts of Arizona to the cool mountains where we'd turn the stereo up full blast and sing kids songs like Apples and Bananas and The Corner Grocery Store. Interesting what can bring back memories like these.

I was thankful to get back here though to the relative quiet and warmth of my room.

In other news, statics preparations are moving forward. Amrut, who was working with me, no longer will have time to work with me, so a guy named Ameya will start. I don't know when or where we'll start because no one seems to have a clue as to "what the hell's going on", but I hope to figure some of that out later this afternoon. I suppose now its time that I start this assignment so I can have it finished for classes, all three of them.

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