Ner (djner) wrote,

you are feeling verrrrrrry sleeeeeeeepy

Yes, that's me. Getting up at 4:30, having a full day with classes/meetings with professors will do that to you.

I had one of my most successful shows on ACB Radio Interactive I have had in a while. Well, if you count successful as broadcasting 20 minutes of pure silence because the plug is plugged into the mic jack and not the linein jack then ... After figuring that out, I was doing great with listener peaks at about 14 which for me, and my type of music, is great.

All I did today pretty much was hang out at Bell, go to classes etc. as I said. But I did realize something. The professors I have, with a few exceptions (ehem, Jong, ehem) really do care about me and help me out amazingly. Sure, I have to show effort, and I try to, but they really do go over and above to help me succeed. For instance, my reactor design teacher spent a bit over an hour explaining stuff he wasn't able to cover for me (read the board). Without the department, I'd be so behind and out of the loop.

Well, since I'm making no sense and generally banterig all over the board due to lack of sleep, I think I'll take my own invitation and hit the hay. See ya.
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