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The mystery of the autopilot doggy

Today has been quite a productive day, even if its a Saturday and I haven't completed anything productive for uni.

I got up, and did a bit of work for bookshare, mainly editing a few books that people had submitted. Bored with that, and since I'd been to Brough twice today, a sad thing to do on a Saturday (it signifies that I in fact don't have a life), I decided it was time for an adventure.

Many would think that going to the library isn't really an adventure, but for me, it is, somewhat. A history ... I broke my leg in January of last year, actually it may be nearing the anniversary of this particular break now that I think of it. So to try to keep from breaking anything else (I came back last semester), I've been laying low so to speak, keeping risk down by traveling with friends and others to classes and other places. I've always been an independent type so this was a hard thing for me to submit to. But I much rather would not hang out in a hospital room, so submit I did. Today's been the first time in a while that I went out with Fiona, my guide dog, exploring. I had some interlibrary loan books to pick up, and didn't want to wait till Monday so that the disability office could pick them up for me. So knowing where the library was, I figured, what the hell; nice day outside, I'll head over there. I even neglected to bring my phone, confident was I that I'd make it unscathed. I went first to the union, also somewhat of a hairy experience because the part of the union that I usually go into is closed on the weekends. I figured while I was in the area, and since I wasn't sure how to get to the library another way, I'd go via the coffee shop and grab a mocha. On the way I passed by sad1584 which was cool. This time I had cash so no worrying about being lost without caffeine and now money.

So I sat in the coffee shop for about thirty minutes, absolutely bored, listening to random conversations all the while. Then, mocha finished, I hit the library. I made it just fine, meeting my friendly desk worker whose helped me before, and then I picked up my books.

Here's the amazing part. I had planned to head back via the union coffee shop, I do best, even if the route is longer, to go back a way that I know, and then head back to Gregson from there. Fiona had other ideas. I don't have any idea how she did it, but she was on autopilot at this point, turning this way and that; taking ramps here and there. I had no clue where the hell I was except for the fact that Fiona kept moving forward. I kept praising her, and also kept searching for the first opportunity to get what I call a human GPS reading or in other words, ask for directions. According to passers by at a parking lot entrance, so happily I kept going, until to Gregson we arrived. I was really excited, praising Fiona as we went, and she got even more excited, in harness starting to do leaps right there in front of Gregson. When we got inside, I let her off harness and she proceeded to run away from me, then leap on me, biting me playfully, I think :).

The only thing I can think is that she got the idea of how to get back mostly from our previous trips to the library but for the life of me, I'm not quite sure. I think I'll give her extra treats tonight or something.

Well, must go and do process control. So I'll write more when we're done.

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