Ner (djner) wrote,

the case of the myserious person

Network's been going up and down today and so has the weather. It started out a disgustingly rainy morning when I got up at 4 a.m. and went outisde in my short sleeves. Bad for me, it was like 37 degrees and rain so I really wanted Fiona to hurry up and pee so I could go inside. Now its a bit warmer, 40, and cloudy. We've got a forecast of light snow tomorrow, and truthfully, I don't think the forecasters have any clue of how much or even if we'll get any. The airport is about 30 minutes north of us, about 20 miles, and they're supposed to get 1 to 3 inches, but forecasts indicate that the main part of Fayetteville will get just light snow with no mention of accumulation. Translation in laymens terms? They don't know what the hell they're talking about.

I spent the day scanning two books, The Emperor of Scent by Chandler Burr, and March To the Sea by John Ringo and David Weber. That's a book that is the second in a series that I eventually want to read when I retire in fifty years or have loads of time, which is sure to happen at some point this semester. The Emperor Of Scent chronicles Luca Turin, a scientist with some interesting ideas on how our noses work. Lots of science but its interesting, to me that is, so I will most likely read that relatively short book.

I also continued my volley of comments between me and person X from Ohio, Akron, Ohio, today. He first wrote me about my laptop in This entry and I naturally wanted to know who he (or she) was. Since he seems to be an avid reader of my journal which I appreciate, he knows that I have lots of time on my hands so he's put me, and you the reader, to a challenge which I'll put to you now.

He wants us to ask any question possible, which he'll answer, so as to not totally reveal his identity, but so we'll be able to intelligently deduce who he is. Here's what I know, you guys can try to ask any question, no matter how outlandish, so we can solve this puzzle and end my sleepless nights :).

  • According to lj logs, he comes to us from Akron, OH

  • I've had a couple of opinions that show that his writing style is male so is why I mention "he" throughout. I haven't run it through the gender analyzer but ... I could be wrong.

  • He apparently knows who I am.

  • I don't think that he's a member of my family because I don't have family that I know from Akron, Ohio

  • He knows who Fiona is, which isn't surprising considering I talk about her all the time.

  • The only person I know close to Akron is awallens who as you can see has a journal.

  • I know when I find out I'll probably feel real stupid but it'll be fun while it lasts, right? Well for a dude with no life it'll be fun, and I hope you, fellow lj investigators, have fun too. Please, help me!!! Let's PLAY BALL.
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