Ner (djner) wrote,

I've been down here in the ELC now, in the relative warmth of the basement, getting paid to talk to John, the lab op, read lj's, and monitor weather forecasts. Oh the life, its great. Apparently the impending "snowstorm" is keeping the remedial indoors and away from the illustrious tutors. I really wish though that I could just go to bed or something, take a nice long nap under my nicely folded and soft blanket, but no, that will have to wait for seven minutes when I clock out. Classes are over, its going to snow, and I'm happy, that's all taht is supposed to be good right?

I slept in today, until 7:00 a.m., so late in fact that I missed the usual early morning news with the inexperienced newscasters and weathercaster who they definitely put on the early morning graveyard shift because they're just that, inexperienced. Its not true in Little Rock as the early morning news hosts are quite popular but I swear its very true here in Fayetteville. At least I do get a somewhat useful local news and weather report, both of which I missed this morning, so I had to go to traditional internet for my info.

I felt in a cleaning mood as well which was quite odd. So I cleaned off the pile of clothes that had been accumulating on my floor and unpacked some clothes that I hadn't gotten to yet. So now, there's plenty of room on my floor for Fiona to play with her new giraffe head toy that I found as well.

I also got word from Ameya, the new tutor for statics, that we're going to have a fun meeting with Dr. Schidt, (edited Schmidt though I have wanted to call him that a time or two, funny how typos creep in) the department of mechanical engineering. So maybe soon, I'll have a clue as to how long and just plain how, statics will get completed. Should be fun, exciting, and interesting. Class was boring as usual, and now, I am done working, so I suppose I'll head back and watch an episode of Jeopardy and staying warm away from the snow. Perhaps I should make a cup of tea, or hot chocolate, or cider. Perhaps I should finish my assignment that has to be done by Wednesday at 2:30 so I'm not running like a chicken with its head cut off. So many things I could do but probaly won't. Writing has to be done though, it keeps me sane, but sane things have to come to an end sometimes as well, and to an end they are now. All the best to all.

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