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cold, cold, and cold

For real, its so cold outside its not even funny. Cold, windswept, and snowy. We had a bit of rain yesterday, and along with the snow, its frozen to a glaze of crunchy snowy kind of stuff. Reminds me of a Dairy Queen Blizzard gone bad, or a slushy that's frozen solid so that when you walk on the snow it crunches like crushed ice underfoot. Very slippery, but not overly so; not as bad as the times in parking lots in Ohio where it was solid ice. This has the makings of solid ice, but its not had time to crust over sufficiently yet. Interesting.

After I came back from work I collapsed on the bed and me and Fiona took a nap, for about 3 hours. Note to self, don't leave the tv on and sleep during Inside Edition not good to have Hollywood gossip weaved about your dreams.

After waking up, I went to Late Night Brough, a cool invention, and then came back here, and as I do to procrastinate doing work, I read and responded to journals. I'm closer to figuring out mystery person (now we know its a she), and judging that the thread is now 21 comments, its cool that she's hung on long enough for me to figure it all out. She deserves a free laptop now. You all must check out Our Progress.

Well, suppose I should get on it then, my work that is lol. I have a plant to analyze. Its got about 30 pieces and is so complicated and big that they've made it tactily (so I can feel it) on a huge posterboard. Its going to be a bittch because I have to figure out what the problem could be with the plant (chemical plant) and do a presentation on it. Yuck. More later.

Edit: I just got a message from the movie director. For those of you who don't know, I'm helping to shoot a movie right now. Right now, Fiona is in the movie with the lead character, I guess I get to be in it later when they get around to filming the main movie.. Anyway, for one of the shots, he wants to do it in the snow. So I guess tomorrow, I get to hang out in the blistering cold and watch them shoot. At least I get paid. It'll suck but it'll be exceptionally pretty on the big screen. I can't wait to see it in the theater.

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