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The question is, how long can I stay awake, the answer is I have no idea but it better be a while because I really need to figure out what I'm going tosay in this presentation tomorrow. I have to talk for about 15 minutes on this huge process which I'm kind of fuzzy about. So I have to become non fuzy before tomorrow at 2:30. Hopefully I'll overcome, and understand.

The coldness this morning hung around for the rest of the day. And it didn't make filming any easier, as 10:45 came too soon, and the end didn't or couldn't come soon enough. We redid a shot at a lake which we'd done earlier in the Fall, and though we only had to do six takes, it was it was still maddening because it was so cold. I was happy to ahve my heavy coat and gloves, definitely, and even more happy that we won't have to film the main part of the picture in the winter, but mostly in the late spring or summer.

We had the meeting with Dr. Schmidt. As compared to my meetings with Dr. Jong that I talked about all too often in previous entries, this meeting went very very well. He is flexible, something Dr. Jong couldn't even come close to being, so I am sure, especially since he's said he wants to make the experience an enjoyable one, wow what a concept, that possibly I'll come out of the experience relatively unscathed and with a degree :)))). How cool is this. Non engineers won't understand how ecstatic I am about it.

And now I'm here, I started writing this entry about an hour ago, and have been doing multitasking since, going from page to page, trying to figure out the specifics of the assignment that I have to do again. Apparently, no matter how hard I try, it looks like his spiffy webpage that's supposed to display the assignments displays it for everyone else but for me ... no go. No freaking go. And I know, I know, I should have done this early, figured it out earlier, but damn, I have about 17 hours to go, about 8 hours of total working time minus sleep of course, which I'm sure I'd be able to finish easily if I had the info. I hope he understands, I really do. I think I need to lay down, because I really don't want to give myself a headache. I'm still happy about statics though :). And, I got paid today which is also good :). Have to stay positive!

Edit: I've now got the files, they were weirdly imbeded as ms word documents which is annoying, yet doable. now to stay awake.

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