Ner (djner) wrote,

After totally freaking about the assignment, and writing my professor, I got a message from him telling me that lots of people had issues because of the snow (we were on an inclement weather policy, delayed two hours start time), so not to worry if I couldn't submit the assignment on time. Which means I'll probably present either tomorrow or the next day which will give me plenty of time to ask him "what up" with this process and see if I'm even close to the right track. I'd paste some of the assignment here but I'd probably lose readers like a bad newspaper on steroids, so I won't, just because I don't want to make this more boring than it has to be.

My sister came b yesterday and brought me laundry detergent, darn I have to do laundry now, and a Brita, which I'm using now. The water is ok, but not as good as I thought it would be. I'm not sure if they are different in different countries, but when I was in Australia, it seemed like the water that I got from mine had no taste. OH well, its better than nothing, and its cold, so that's all that matter, I think.

Perhaps if I run more water through it, it will get better.

This morning is another cold one, 11 degrees was the low. I ws thinking about one of my phone posts I made when it was like 29 degrees outside, earlier in the fall. I'm sure when summer comes, I'll be complaining about it when it gets down to 60. There's a show on XM based out of Orlando and its always funny to me when they complain about it getting down to 50s in the winter. Same thing seems to happen when in Arizona too.

I was so frazzled last night that I didn't go into detail about the filming. As I said it was cold. We filmed at a small lake, I think I said that too, here in Fayetteville. The weird thing was that it was so cold that the lake temperature was much warmer than the air temperature. One of the people from the office that came in to help me get there, described the scene to me. Apparently with the sunlight and the misty smoke, it looked like an amazing amount of white mist with sparkly diamonds underneath. Should make for a pretty shot, even if they only use about 3 seconds of it during the credits.

I've got to go to class, today, and then come back here in aontinue to work on my presentation. My professor was kind enough to send me all the files via email, so that will help immensely. Suppose I should get on it. MOre later guys.

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