Ner (djner) wrote,

funny stuff.

I've got to go to breakfast pretty quick but before I forget I wanted to write about my amazingly hilarious experience I had last night.

I did my show, it went quite well, or as well is it could have gone. Today I have a show to do at KXUA at 12:00, so I went straight to sleep right after last night's show. I haven't been back to that studio in a while, so I wanted to get over there early so that I could get everything ready and make sure I didn't totally screw things up. So the reason for going to sleep early. The surreal events were as follows:

Sleep sleep sleep, snore snore.
Ring ring, damnit, stupid phone.
I get up, pick up the phone, wondering who it is. I look at my watch, it's 11:25.
"Hey This is Helen, I was just wondering what the plans were for the show," She does the show with me.
"Oh, I was thinking ... I was ... oh shit, its 11:25, well I suppose I should get ready then, the show starts at 12."
"Yeah, so I'll just run by your room a bit early then and we can run over there."
"But ... its 11:25. Let me let you go so I can get ready. Funny, it seems I've not slept very long."
"Ah, well I'll talk to you then at 12? Come by your room?"
"Oh crap, I just figured it out. Its 11:25 PM right, not AM?"
"Well duh."

So I had a bit of a freak out session, but I'll never forget it. Sad they don't make braille digital watches, I'd not have had to worry too much. I'll write more probably while I'm in the studio. Probably should for real get ready so that I don't have to rush to the studio 30 minutes before my show like I thought I'd have to do.

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