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New YEar's Eve, and the beginning of 2003, exciting revelations from me on this New Year's Day

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At time of writing, I'm offline, so by post time, it may be later as I'm still a bit tired from New Year's Eve stuff last night. I tried to get some sleep but to no avail. Maybe later.

Yesterday was quite an uneventful day except for when I went to the computer electronics store and got a motherboard. It's quite a nice motherboard, but when I got home, I realised that I had all the parts for the motherboard, and no motherboard. Since I have a habit of hallucinating, I wondered if in fact I was incorrect, but no, I was right, and so a quick phone call to Artronics and all was sorted. I'll go and pick up the board tomorrow, hopefully by then I'll have all the parts ordered for the computer by then.

We also went to visit one of my mum's friend's, a former student. They looked at pictures and such which as you might be able to tell, didn't really excite me too much. It was good to see Amanda though, so that was good.

John and Angie, one of our friends who we've been doing New Year's with over the years, came over and we had a really good time. We had some good ha and meat, made by my mum and Angie, and that was cool. We had the most fun playing a game called Malarky. In this game, one person gets the correct answer to a question, and the rest of the people playing are forced, or as it was the case for me and my mum, made to bluff. We only got the actual answer once. The goal of the game is to get people to vote for your bs answer to get points. I really had a good time bluffing, and even believed some of my truly crazy answers. Me and my mum ended up winning by like two points, playing the strategy, and the game perfectly. It was especially amazing that we did so well because I missed the explanation of the game completely because got to talk to Amber, and wasn't there for the description.

Amber seems to be doing well except for she continues to have issues with her Kent State accommodation (residence hall) stuff. They apparently don't have her application which she faxed a while back (three weeks ago at least) to the bastards. We had great conversation and laughs about the Mike issue, which isn't still resolved I might add. Hey, I must say, it does provide me, Chris, Amber, and Rebecca with hours of enjoyment and fun talking about how screwy the situation is, more about that later.

We did the fireworks thing which consisted of three fireworks. By that time, my dad had had a bit too much to drink, relatively speaking, and he suggested filling the mortar tube with grapes and shooting them off with the fireworks. I'm sure that would have been really cool, and I thought we should try it, but my mom was pretty opposed to the idea. The only real highlight was when we got honks from a passing car on the highway when we shot off a firework as they passed. We thought we should go inside when we heard gunfire off in the distance from the really annoying hicks along the way who seem to not be able to afford fireworks and result to firing indiscriminatnly into the air upon the dawning of midnight. We all decided we'd go to bed about 1 am or so, and I planned to reflect on my year as others have done, but couldn't due to the fact that my dad had to bid on this low fat cookbook on ebay which he won. I swear I think I'm close to convincing them to get cable internet. They use it a really whole lot. So before I talk about today I'll talk about the year in general. I won't be too specific I don't think, just generally reflect on how I went. Damn that is redundant but oh well.

2002 was generally good to me, even though the second half kind of sucked. I spent most of my time last year in Australia, and the experience was amazing and awesome. It's been life changing for sure, as I've met many new friends most of which I'll be friends with for my whole life. I've seen three winters come and go this year, something that most people can't say they've seen in one year. I've learned the social intricacies of living with people for a year. Though our group somewhat fell apart, and I got left in the fray of things almost totally, I seemed to keep my finger in all the splinter groups. One thing I regret not doing is telling these people mainly Naomi and Mike how I felt about being given the axe until the last possible moment. I'll try to do better with this this year. At the end of the difficult semester this year, I found love which has been a learning experience for me to be sure. It's been a great ending to my year though, and caps off the year in a great way, ices it really for me. I don't know how I'd deal with last semester without having the positiveness of a new relationship to back me up and give me confidence. I'd like to set a goal to be newly confident, to show people who I really am, and to show them that though I do have problems, I do truly have some cool qualities. Next year I hope I prove myself wrong and have a great year at Fayetteville though I'm dreading the return.

So there you go, if I come up with anything new, I'll write it, but that's the general feelings I've had for 2002.

Today: 1 January
I got up at like 7 A.M. which is utterly insane. This must be why I'm sleepy this afternoon and desperately need a nap this afternoon. I'm writing in hopes that I'll tire myself out enough that I'll be able to nap.

I did a bit of research on the computer and found pretty much what I'll get. Let's try out this new list thing that Chris told me about and tick off the options that I'll pick.
  • Pentium 4 2.66 ghz processor
  • 512 mb memory
  • a new 80 gb hard drive to add to the other 3 that I have.
  • A dvd cdrw combination drive
  • a cool case which I found and should make for easy installation.
  • another network card to give me two cars

I'm thinking that is about all, but who knows, I might come up with more crap to get, you never know. I'll order it all this afternoon probably after I get a nap preferrably.

I got to talk with Caryn and Amber on msn today together, that was kind of cool though still not the same as being actually there all together. Before Amber got on, Caryn I think had to really get stuff off her chest so I basically listened. She definitely has it difficult with Liz and the rest of the fam to deal with. I think it's always good for her to be able to sound off to someone. So I hope I helped her.

Amber's new news was from Rebecca and that she had a huge conversation with Mike last night. Apparently, and I could have my facts a bit wrong, but, Mke said he was still trying to match Chris and her up. Funny that because they hardly ever talk. Chris and I reckon that he's just trying to back peddle and come up with weird excuses for his behaviour. I think that she's made herself clear though which is good and I think that Mike now knows where he stands. I know one thing, it's going to continue to add to me and Chris's material on him, and we'll get hours of entertainment in writing crap about him in various forms, especially the Ner and Chris Dating Tips book, one we hope to make millions on, just from experiences we've learned from Mike. We even thought of starting a cloning company called something like, and I just came up with this, Clone-a-mate. This is a company that allows you to clone yourself so you can match yourself up with as many people as possible and not worry that no one really likes you. You could just keep screwing up and screwing up and screwing up and you'd technically have no loss. Who knows, maybe we'll make millions with that too.

So me and Chris talked about that idea just a bit ago, and I tried to take a nap, and really that is about it for today and yesterday. Boy, my life is ex freaking citing. More later.

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