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the surreality of life

I had planned to write last night, but Survivor took over my evening, then sleep, so I neglected to write. Too bad, I guess I'll have to start where I had planned to start yesterday, then continue with today's exciting events.

We actually froze one of those icicles from hell yesterday. This one that sits in our freezer still today at it's widest point is about two inches in diameter and comes, or came to a very sharp point before we had to pry it from the freezer. It unfortunately refroze to the freezer shelf when my mom got it in there, so it kind of broke when I pried it up. There was a n icicle that was four feet long and three to four inches in diameter that we thought about getting down, but apparently it was too high up on the eaves and my mom didn't want to impale herself on the sharp bit of the icicle, so we decided to forgo that idea. How sucky would that be to die by impalement from an icicle. There's always said to be the murder mystery in which someone dies with an unfounded weapon, namely an icicle. Yes, gross!

We made a ginger cake yesterday, and it was really good. Covered with powdered sugar, it was exquisite for afternoon tea yesterday hot.

Survivor was quite good again. I really enjoy the battle of the sexes theme they have going on as it really shows the great rift we as humans have between the sexes. They had to pick some of the most arogant guys ever though, all they ave on their minds is sex, sex, and more sex. I'm pulling for the women because they truly have the edge here as of late.

Today was quite interesting indeed. I went to the psych appointment expecting not much except for usual psychological stuff. I never expected what actually happened. I don't think you're supposed to really "know" your psychiatrist before you get=t in there, but I, in fact know ex-counsellor Priest, Now Dr. Priest quite well. I didn't recognize him for the first mnute, but then all the memories started coming and it made for an interesting meeting. The story is that I went to a camp like nine years ago at an AEGIS (Arkansas Education of the gifted in The Summer) at Searcy Arkansas, where my mom teaches now. It was a camp called Mission Mars in which we learned lots and lots more than I wanted to know about Mars. Dean, the counsellor, witnessed the first time I shaved, gave me many worthless tips on women, and helped pull off one of the funniest pranks I've done. I'll cut it here so this entry isn't seven million pages on your friends pages but if you want to read more about it and the appointment, do so, it'll make you smile.

Being a dork, I carried with me lots and lots of computer equipment, and, my scanner. Back then, portable phones were quite low tech and operated in a band that could easily be picked up by scanners. Poor Becky didn't realize that she lived right above Dean's room in the main dorm at Harding University. She liked to make it a habit of calling her boyfriend at late hours of the night. We Aegis hoodlums made it a habit of gathering around the scanner to listen to the distant ramblings of a very misdirected Church of Christ indigent girl (you're supposed to be perfect at Harding). She wanted to "get drunk off his ass" among many things. Dean, being the bright and underaged counsellor that he was, decided we'd call all the people on the second floor and find Becky. It was 3 a.m., not a time that you really should be calling people, but who cared. We did it anyway, and woke up probably sixty girls, but by four, we found our Becky. She was quite alarmed when we recounted parts of her conversation to her at dinner in front of all of her friends. She had the misfortune of being at the cafeteria at the same day after we called all of these people. We just thought it was hilarious, she stopped using her portable phone.

So anyway, we spent half of our time talking about past times, then talked about why I was there. He's prescribed me a slightly different medicine that's chemically close to the same, but more refined. Only if you took organic chemistry would you understand and we'd both taken it so we looked up the drug in his handy Palm, and I figuered out the difference between Lexapro and Celexa. Very exciting stuff. I'm goig back in April, plus I got his email. I'll have to remind him of the Becky story, I didn't think it appropriate to mention it in his office.

It was a most surreal experience though knowing that your psychiatrist was someone I knew so well, yet so weird that I hadn't remembered it all. It's events like these that show you how weird the human mind really is and how such an event can trigger memories like this one to flood back. The odd thing was that I saw a thing on the Discovery Channel the other day about Mars and thought of the whole time. Of course, I didn't remember who Dean was, didn't remember his name, but now it is all clear to me. I can't call him Dr. Priest any more, so we're back on a first name basis, screw the doctor crap.

After the appointment, I got a really short haircut and came home. I went straight to sleep pretty much after getting lunch. Of course I fell asleep in front of Cnn, again.

Not much else is going on except for I really need to finish my book. I really am a freak. I'll write more later I'm sure, peace all.

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