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I just got back from my presentation. It was kind of cool because I hadn't done a Powerpoint presentation in a while, and therefore had little confidence that I could actually put things together in a reasonably good looking and coherent way. Though it took a while to put everything together (most of this morning), it went smashingly.

The presentation itself did go well, it lasted about fifteen minutes. Then, what I didn't know is that there was going to be this dialogue thing at the end where Beitle has fun asking me questions and getting me to think. I apparently did well though and only had to retrace something. At least when I had to say "oh crap, sorry I screwed that one up a bit" I didn't cry like one of the other people in the class.

I ate lunch at Brough with Larry and a couple of my other friends. We decided that it might be a good idea to do the crossword puzzle in the paper rather than go to class, so both me and my friend Heather skipped class, I mostly to do this presentation and her because she didn't want to go to class (a valid reason). Larry never does work, so that's par for the course for him.

Tonight my sister and I are going with Ms. Marsha (who reads and comments on this journal a lot) and one of my friends from a long time ago names Ret to see Miss Saigon at the Walton Arts Center. Beforehand, we're going to eat at an awesome Italian restaurant which will most definitely be better than Brough. Should be a neat experience.

I hope it doesn't start snowing too hard before we get ready to come home, but the forecasts say the snow will be coming soonishly after we leave. i'm not worried about my sister's driving, I'm more worried with the driving of everyone else; I know i've talked about that before.

Well, to evade the wrath of my sister lest I don't get ready on time ;), I should go and start getting ready. It'll be long sleeve shirts and khakis tonight and it won't take much time to get ready but I better get on it. I'm so relieved to finally be done with that presentation, its great. I'll talk more about the evening later when I get back.

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