Ner (djner) wrote,

sj*t happens

My crossword working time was cut short today by a nice big pile of dog crap I picked up somewhere along the route to or from Bell. That was, in most part, caused by the fact that Josh forgot to pick up the cart so we walked. I knew something *had* to be wrong with my shoe because shoes really aren't supposed to smell that aad. Oh well. It took 20 minutes in the Brough bathroom to fully clean the shoe(s) so I made it and started eating by 12:05. Again, oh well, no reason to get annoyed anymore. Its all over now.

So I'm sitting here drinking tea to try to calm down. Reall, dog shit shouldn't spoil the day but it kinda does before lunch :(.

To recap the past two days ...
Miss Saigon was an amazing show, very sad, but definitely worth the high price of tickets. For a blind person, it was kind of confusing because there was lots of flashbacks, and moving in time which was not apparent by just listening to the action. Fiona did especially well, as there was really loud gunshots and even louder sounds of helicopters. Never would have thought that Walton Art Center had that huge of speakers; wow!

We ate at Pesto Cafe, which is a really nice Italian place. I had, as I always do, lasagna.

I got back that night about 11 after going to this bar that one of Miss Marsha's friends owns. I'd ahd a mud slide (chocolate alcoholic drink) so was somewhat surprised to find the stream madness staff meeting still going on. Oh well, I was coherent, by the end :).

I spent most of yesterday running here and there, working on my design project, and other random things which I can't quite remember today. Had fun as usual, though it was tiring as usual, playing Celtic Music as well. And that's about all that's important for the past two days.

Nothing of excitement has been happening today. I've been working on creating a device that can be used by blind people, and most importantly finding a company that will make what I need. Its interesting how nonstandard things for blind people can become. This particular device allows you to turn the LCD screen totally off on a laptop and the company was totally shocked and had no idea why the hell I'd want to turn the screen off. I was like, "because it'll save my batteries and who needs a screen when you have a computer that talks." I've never heard a line as silent as it was after that comment. "Well, I guess e can make it, but, make sure it works because we're not liable if you screw up."

One really good thing happened today, and that was that I didn't have to go to either of my afternoon classes. Suppose good things, no matter in how small the package or amount, are always good. Bad things aren't always *too* bad :).

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