Ner (djner) wrote,

damn I'm tired

I slept in today, til maybe 7:30 and I'm still tired. Here's why.

I dreamed I was working undergroundin this weird chemical plant. I knew something was wrong with the thing, the guages were out of control, and from training I knew that there was lots of radiation around as well, so I distinctly remember laying down after fiddling with some valves and watching as the plant blew up around me. It was amazing, the bricks and mortar falling down, the dust piling up, and me, still alive below with some weird chemical plant friend of mine next to me. As things crumbled around us, we talked, mostly about how our DNA would be seriously mangled by the radiation and how we were ready to die. Somehow somebody came in and pulled us out.

I remember meeting afterwords with the survivors of the plant disaster and crying a lot with them. We must have been deformed or something; I can't remember, but that dream really tired me out.

The funny thing with dreams is how things seem to jump forward in time, kind of like a book or a movie. Very interesting. On top of it all I woke up with blood voering my clothes and sheets from a bloody nose.

More later, I think I'm going to lay down. I really hope I don't have to work on a chemical plant because now I'm afraid I will blow something up :).

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