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I guess I've typed so much in this journa;, I estimate, now about 150000 words, all on this keyboard, all on two aa batteries that when I noticed that things were getting slow and non responsive, and most importantly I got to the point where I couldn't sit/lay on my bed and type in this here journal, I figured something probably should be fixed. So new AA's in, I figure I can go for another 150000 words and then some. All for a $1.94 investment. Funny the Union would probably charge me $4 for the same four pack, and I still have 2 batteries left.

I have surprisingly a lot of energy tonight, amazingly so, because I've been busy relatively so, and I just noticed how relatively annoying and tangled that sentence was :). I suppose African music, which is what I'm listening to now will do that to you. Perhaps I'm weird; wait a minute I am weird never mind. So now, lj cut and ready for your consumption, my two past days.

Today has been an absolutely beautiful day. Though winds have been in upwards of 35 to 45 miles per hour, the weather has been warm (70 degrees approximately), so knowing this, I asked my friends Larry and Heather to come with me, eat good food, and enjoy the northwest Arkansas outdoors in a picnic setting. Larry's fiance, Jennifer, came along as well, so that was grand. Picnics are great on nice calm warm days, today would have been great save for the wind. We decided that the dogs needed exercise, so Larry brought his dog Anna, and I of course brought Fiona. We picked up some AQ chicken and headed for Wilson Park where we spent most of our time trying to keep the chicken and the rest of the fixings on the table rather than scattered across Wilson park or in the tummy of an ungrateful yet deserving doggie :). We decided that the laws of physics and interrelationships between other dogs within the vicinity made it not conducive to staying at Wilson park to throw tennis balls and frisbees, so we headed over to Larry's house were we could at least control two dogs rather than untangle ourselves from unfamiliar ones.

We had fun playing with lots of various dog toys/balls, and most amazingly playing with a tennis ball launcher. These things remind me of a harge plastic spoon that nicely and securely holds a tennis ball. A quick flip of the wrist with this thing in your hands will help to send the ball nicely over a house or into the street, or if your'e careful (which I wasn't very good at), to an expectant dog. We had fun, once we ended up losing one of the balls forever though, we decided we'd start playing inside with Mr. Dot. Mr. Dot is an interesting invention which Larry's dogs love to play with. Its basically a laser pointer (one of the normal everyday ones meant for presentations). Anna and Sigmund say Mr. Dot is good for a cheap thrill. For us humans, its damn good for a laugh as its entertainment for all watching a dog chase a little dot of light as it tracks across the floor at dazzling speeds and in amazingly complex patterns that would put crop circles to shame.

I also got to check out Larry's motorcycle which was my cheap thrill of the afternoon, even though I (a)) didn't get to drive it anywhere and (b) its doo big for me by a longshot.

Last night I went to the Chi Alpha "service". Its a weekly thing based on worship, song, dance and various lessons. I would write more about it however, being that I've written this entry over a two or three hour period and now am extremely tired, I'll probably expound further on my impressions when I can actually think straight. I saw many of the same people as I saw on last Friday. That was kind of neat. I still haven't figured out the meaning of religion, or life for that matter, but I do have some good and founded opiions now that I'm working on internally with myself. None of them are against either spiritualism or religiousness, but going is helping me continue exploring what's out there. The group will be great to socialize with, and I am sure I will also learn a lot. The only thing that kind of freaked me out was the vocal praying (the group is based from The Assembly of God church), and the posession by the holy spirit etc. My sister told me it would be different than anything that I had ever gone to; she was very right. It wasn't a bad different, just different. I respect everyone's belief and felt like everyone there seemed to respect mine.

I just got back from Waffle House with Heather, and her friend Josh; they went to the same high school together. I enjoyed listening to the interesting conversation, but most of all, I enjoyed my tripple order of hash browns of which I ate maybe three quarters of them. Definitely an interestng experience. It made me realize how long ago and far away high school is and was for me. I suppose it is a bit different in the fact that I never lived with my classmates, but the concept still is so alien to me. Craziness.

Well, I seriously am going to pass out very shortly, so I should end this and send it off. I'll write less later on :). Funny how over a three hour period how my state of tiredness increased exponentially. Wo.

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