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Today, the weather was wonderful again. It was a bit cooler than Thursday, and the wind was gone, and with the sun, it was great. One of the girls at the library told me after I picked up a book that I should read outside or something it was so nice out there. Then I thought of logistics of taking a scanner outside and I decided against it. I let Fiona go run around today in the hallway, and she ran down the hall a ways and then just practically fell down on the floor in front of our plate glass doors right in the warm sunlight. While I made a mocha for today's show, I just decided to let her stay there. I know she loved it because she wouldn't come when I called her, and when we actually had to leave, she slowly and reluctantly got up, shook off, and then came over with a sigh.

My show went great today; it makes every difference in the world to know that people are listening and can and do call in. I got several requests, and amde several people happy because I played an obscure track taht they never thought I'd have. I never get requests on ACB Radio, never. Well I won't say never, just most of the time. Oh well. I swear though if they don't fix the network, I won't keep doing my show on there. I just lose listeners, and piss people off. It sucks big time. I had another show last night that I had to quit halfway through beceause It kept breaking up and being annoying. Its horrible.

Anyway, moving on. I went to La Tertulia, a Spanish conversation club we have here on campus. Actually we meet off campus but its basically an on campus club for those taking Spanish class or who are interested in speaking Spanish. most people just go there to get extra credit from their beginning classes however there are some that go there to truly improve their Spanish and veel more confident with speaking and listening. Its at common grounds, and its difficult mostly because its so huge now. A couple of years ago when it started, it was much smaller and you would get to know people in it, now its impossible unless you know people. It does force you to have conversations in Spanish and I guess that this is the point. I got to hang with one of my new friends Megan, the one who got me to go to chi Alpha in the first place, and that was cool. We had a great time talking to Helen, the person who does the Celtic show with me.

Not much else is going on today. I Have to do laundry today, and change my sheets. Laundry is one of the things I hate most in life. My mom says "If you just came home more often, I'd do it for you." but ... Oh well, laundry's calling and your eyes are probably very tired ;). All the best.

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