Ner (djner) wrote,

This quiz was almost too easy to take, hence my posting. I've never heard of the book that I represent. Perhaps I should go to bed, and soon, I'm feeling quite tired :(.


You're Roots!

by Alex Haley

While almost everyone agrees that you're brilliant, no one knows quite
how to categorize you. Some say that you're a person with an amazing family tree. Some
say that you're just a darn good storyteller. Others say that you're both and don't much
care where to draw the line. What is known is that your people have been through a great
number of trials and that you are where you are because of hard work. You have nothing to
lose but your chains.

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at the Blue Pyramid.

I'm glad I am back in my room though it would have been nice to have coffee at the coffee shop with people I knew, maybe tomorrow or something. I just can't fathom two mochas (grande with an extra shot) in one night, that might be toxic.
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