Ner (djner) wrote,

writing block?

A record two days has passed since my random ramblings on these pages. Why you ask? I guess it's a combination of writer's block and emotional issues, both of which shouldn't change the fact that writing in this journal helps me through things, helps me through the viscocity of life and the thrbulence of the world.

Haven't been doing much of interest, especially to you, the reader. I've started, or continued I wshould say, downloading more files. I've also started playing with my scanner, which is always fun. I had some reservations earlier about the scanner as it was acting a bit slow, but I think I can work through those and maybe tweek things a bit. I've continued editing things for, and even downloaded a book from usenet that had all information needed including copyright page to the ste. It's been downloaded, so we'll see how long it will take to be actually aproved.

My Sunday, the day after my cool show, was quite uneventful, consisting of going to church which is alwa7ys interesting seeing as I socialize a lot there. That's about it for that day, as I went to sleep early and woke up early the net morning, a disturbing trend I have been continuing lately.

My mom left for Fayetteville yesterday, hence I was unable to go to school yesterday. My dad had a day off and as usual did work here at the house all day. If I could just get him to relax and take time off for a while rather than continuously, it'd be great but I'm sure that that won't happen for a while.

The Bachellor Pad of the Romey household continues on today. Dad's already gone leaving the house pin drop silent and me here typing on the computer, my portle to the world, and just hanging out here with Gabby, Mini, and Fiona. I've continued to be lonely but I'm pushing through. I find it interesting at how much I enjpoy reading people's journals when I haven't updated in a while. I guess my writing is ok, but I as of late have not found it to be too interesting. I haven't been able to find in myself something creative to say, something that I am proud of. My vision for this journal is not to only tell a story about what's going on with me, but also to tell a story about what I think about the world. I've been told by many that my point of view is different than everyone's, is unique. Though I agree, I think that everyone has a different view on things; I think that everyone should realize this. It is always harder to realize things about yourself, good things, until someone points it out to you, makes it self-evident to you. So I challenge everyone to look at their day objectively, look at your life objectively, and relize that not everything just comes down to "what I did today" "how I feel today" etc. Realize your view is unique. Write it down if it helps you, but most of all, think about it and believe that your view is not more important than mine or your best friend's, or even George Bush. Your point of view and insights are important to you, are unique to you. You can always gleen from a play different aspects if you sit in the front row or up in the gallery. Even though sitting in the front row might be more expensive, sometimes, I think that the gallery seats are priceless in how you view the performance. That's my idea; what's yours? What my point here is, wherever you sit in the theater of life look at yourself objectively enough to realize where you sit. Then, look at the world; the play; and "see" what's out there! That's all of the philosophy for today. Pointless I know but it's a point that I have and wanted to share it with you, the reader.

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